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Finishing the 30 Day Challenge

Woot! I finished the 30 days to Healthy Living and Beyond challenge! Here are my results and thoughts, this time around:

This was my third or fourth (Can’t keep track) time doing the challenge. The first time was BC: Before Child. I lost 9 pounds and lotsa inches. The second time I did it, I found out in the same month that¬†I was pregnant. ūüôā Hey, at least I was eating super healthy. I believe I did it again sometime after having Juniper, but loosely followed it.

So, this time around, I followed the plan *pretty* well. For those of you not familiar, the 30 day challenge is an elimination-style diet. You eliminate common trigger foods and addictive foods for 30 days, then add them back in one by one to see how your body reacts to them. This includes dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugar, and alcohol.


Aside from the week where we were all sick, I stuck with it fairly well.

Results this time around were that I lost around 4 pounds. I’m happy with that, as healthy ¬†and sustainable weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, so I’m right in that target. Also, my weight hasn’t budged from 180 in a long time!

What I learned this time around is that I snack on Juni’s leftovers a lot. She eats a lot of what we eat too, so it’s pretty healthy, but for lunch she will sometimes¬†have¬†mac and cheese, quesadillas, or chicken nuggets and “dip dip” (ketchup). She also loves snacks like cereal bars,¬†saltines,¬†and goldfish crackers. These bites here and there add up over time.

As far as¬†my reaction to different¬†allergenic or addictive foods, I already knew that I’m sensitive to gluten and dairy. Too much of it and I feel sluggish, tired, and bloated.

Conclusion: The¬†30 day challenge helped me realize when I was having those extra foods and also helped me cut down on how much bread I was eating each day. I will still have gluten and dairy, but in moderation and when it’s really worth it.

Questions? Ask in the comments!


This week was bananas

Welllll, this week has been a doozy.

I had a migraine from Friday-Monday, which I wrote about last week. Then, a sore throat on Sunday that turned into laryngitis and I lost my voice. THEN, Robert and I got food poisoning from a salad we shared when we went out to eat on Tuesday night. Lastly, on Friday I had a procedure done to surgically remove a mole on my face because it’s been causing me pain lately.

I was basically out¬†of commission for an entire week, which was really hard for me. I love having a lot of different tasks to do, I need to get out of the house at least once a day, and I’d prefer to not be laying on the couch letting Juniper binge watch Season 2 of Daniel Tiger.

As far as the 30 day eating clean challenge, I had to suspend it. The nausea was so bad, it reminded me of when I was pregnant. Ugh. By mid-week I was so sick that all that appealed to me was Sierra Mist and plain potato chips. No joke!

While it wasn’t ideal to suspend the 30 day challenge for a week and go back to consuming whatever I wanted, I felt like I needed to eat what I knew wouldn’t make me feel even more nauseated and sick, if that makes sense. From my six years exploring raw foods to doing this 30 day challenge for the fourth time, at this point I’m pretty aware of what foods I can handle and what I cannot. For me, it’s moderation. I know which foods are my trigger foods (gluten and dairy), and if I have too much of either, I¬†feel puffy and lethargic. Now that I’m feeling human again,¬†I plan to finish out the challenge this week and continue to explore how to get my energy levels back up.

Why did I share all that with you? Because we all feel guilty from time to time about one thing or another. We feel guilty and anxious about eating the “wrong” things, not working on the things we want to work on, parenting the way we feel like we should. We feel guilty about not doing enough or being enough.

Yeah, I feel totally guilty eating junk food when my passion is¬†promoting a healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect, and I don’t want you to think my¬†eating habits are flawless 100% of the time. Perfection is not ideal–it’s about moderation and persistence. Sometimes life happens and we have to just succumb to the couch and kids shows. That’s what they’re made for, right?

Maybe that resonates with you and maybe it doesn’t, but thank you for reading if you made it to the end. ūüôā

Motivation Monday

It’s hard for me to feel motivated when I’ve had a migraine since Friday, and a sore throat since yesterday. Ugh!¬†I went to¬†Sands Chiropractic for an adjustment and acupuncture, so I’m hoping I can kick this today.

Wins for this week:

I stayed around the same weight, and my clothes are feeling looser. Taken today (176.8):


I went to the gym 3 times last week! Zumba, Body Pump, and Yoga. I’ve found that Juniper sleeps a lot better if she gets out of the house every day, so it’s been motivating me to get her to childcare at the YMCA.

I’ve stuck with the 30 day challenge, except for a cup of coffee with almond milk each day¬†since Saturday.¬†I wondered if my headache was lack-of-caffeine related, but it doesn’t seem to make a big difference.

Today is my organizational day, but depending on how I feel I may take it easy.

What are your plans for the week?



Motivation Monday

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, here is one of my favorite quotes from him:


It can be really hard to take those first few steps when you don’t know if you’ll succeed or not. With anything new, like setting a goal,¬†building up your business, eating better, or taking on a new fitness regimen, it takes time to get there and faith to get started.

I’ve finished the¬†first week of the Arbonne 30 days to Healthy Living and Beyond program. We’ve been trying out new recipes like¬†cauliflower pizza crust¬†with Daiya cheese and Beyond Beef¬†(Turned out more like a pizza casserole, but yummy),¬†kale chips (Too salty, but got the texture right), and¬†spaghetti squash with homemade pesto¬†(Perfect!).


I’ve lost roughly 3-ish pounds, which is exciting because I have hovered at 180-ish¬†for quite a while now post-baby. Taken last¬†week:


Taken today:FullSizeRender

Sorry, my phone’s camera is pretty bad these days. I think I’ve dropped it one too many times. ūüôā

I don’t feel¬†like I have much more energy yet BUT I have been off coffee for a week now, so I expect it to level out and increase soon!

Since today is my organizational day, I will be working on clearing out some things in storage before heading to the gym for Zumba!

What are you doing with your Monday?

Gluten Free, Vegan “Pad Thai” recipe!

I was feeling some noodles on this cold day, so I combined my raw vegan recipe¬†for pad thai with rice noodles! We didn’t have mung bean sprouts on hand this time, but really you could add any veggies you like to this. This serves 2-4 people, depending on how much you thin out the almond butter sauce and how much pasta you use.

Here ya go:

Rice noodles  or spiralized zucchini (Tonight I used 1/2 a package of millet and brown rice ramen noodles)

1/2 red bell pepper, sliced

1 carrot, chopped

Handful of sugar snap peas, chopped

Handful mung bean sprouts

6 TB almond butter

1 TB tamari sauce or Bragg’s Aminos (Can omit and add more water and sea salt instead)

1 TB agave nectar

1 clove garlic

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp sea salt

a few TB water to desired consistency

Prepare noodles as directed. Toss all vegetables together into a bowl, and add the noodles.

Chop the cashews and set aside.

In a food processor, puree all other sauce ingredients until very creamy. Be aware that the almond butter can get hot quickly. Pour over noodles and veggies, toss lightly, top with cashews, and serve.


Motivation Monday

I’ve penned in my calendar “organizational day” for the next four Mondays. I think that will be a good time for me to get organized for the week and give myself permission to catch up on anything that may be lagging.

Behold: My email is at ZERO and EMPTY. This has never happened in my life!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.59.32 AM

I started the 30 Days to Healthy Living Arbonne challenge today! I’m excited to be doing it, but to be honest, it was a rough start. My sleep schedule is always off, and I’ve had little energy. Juni woke up with a bad cold today, and I’m not feeling great either.

My main goal with this 30 day challenge is to gain energy and losing weight as a secondary benefit.¬†While it would be a bonus to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, it is not the main focus.¬†If I get around to taking a “before” photo, I will. I didn’t weigh myself today, but I’m¬†currently¬†around 180 pounds and a size 12 (I am 5’9″, for reference).

Besides sticking with the plan for the first day, I made a big green smoothie to give me a boost, and Juni liked it too.



I had planned on going to Zumba in the evening, but when Juni decided to take a second nap, I did too.

Tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully we’ll all be feeling better and will be able to tackle the day!